Are there nitrates in your water?

Protect your family from nitrates with Culligan

Dangerous nitrates can seep into your home's water and put your family's health at risk. As the most common groundwater contaminant in rural areas, nitrates can persist for decades and increase in concentration as farmers add fertilizer to the ground.
But how does it get into drinking water? Organic nitrates, a product of animal and septic tank waste, can leach into your water supply due to improper sewage disposal and cause a rotten egg smell. Inorganic nitrates such as fertilizers also contaminate drinking water when crops do not absorb fully. When this happens, it can leach through the soil into groundwater and make its way to private wells or recharge areas. Inorganic nitrates have no visible color, taste or odor.
Nitrates in your water can lead to the following health problems –
  • Infants exposed to high levels of nitrates may become seriously ill, or die. Symptoms include shortness of breath and blue baby syndrome.
  • Long-term elevated nitrate levels have been linked to cancer in every animal species tested.
  • Livestock ingesting water containing high nitrate concentrations can be fatal.
Culligan provides a total solution for nitrate reduction with both its Nitrate Reduction Container, a whole-house system that uses an ion exchange process to reduce nitrates, and its Aqua-Clear Advanced Drinking Water System, a point-of-use system that uses reverse osmosis.
As your local water expert, we are known for tailoring our water treatment solutions to meet your specific needs. Contact your local Culligan Man™ today to ease your worries and begin enjoying nitrate-free water!

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